my pictures


I send pictures to a Stock Photography site called ISTOCK

On this site, linked with Getty Images, thousands of Photographers sell their photos if the quality is good enough and of course if someone needs a picture of a dancing girl walking into the ocean. Istock takes a percentage of the sales.


So She Dances

This Picture was accepted by Istock.

It needed a Moder Release of the girl, that is her full permission for me to use her photo and for Istock to sell this. (Photo: South African South Coast) See this image on ISTOCK




This Picture was accepted by Istock.

It also sells well. (Photo: Washington State in spring)




Best Broom

This Picture was rejected by Istock.

It does not have a clear focal point. (Photo: Mexican village)




Acapulco sunset

This Picture was rejected by Istock. This is how the e-mail for them will read:We regret to inform you that we cannot accept your submission Acapulco Sunset. . .
We found the overall composition of this file's lighting could be improved. Technical aspects that can affect the overall quality of lighting are: flat/dull colors, blown-out highlights, harsh reflection, shadows or lens flares.


Desert Sands

This Picture was accepted by Istock and received 5/5. It means that it is good. It is a very large file, 17.9 Mb and technically advanced. (Photo: Namib desert)

The e-mail will say: Your file "Desert Sands" has been accepted into to the iStockphoto collection. Thank you for submitting your art to iStockphoto. You can view your file here. If you click on the link, you will see how Istock Phtoto sells pictures.